Asker Bjørk, Højskolelærer

To me, community, passion and conversation are key concepts for a good experience at Vejle Sports School. I am drawn by Vejle Sports School because I meet people who, just as I am passionate about music, can be deeply absorbed by lots of different things. I am drawn by Vejle Sports School because I love the teamwork among my colleagues, the common eating with all the students, the morning assemblies and of course the daily sense of community. The feeling of being part of a meaningful community has always been very important to me. And last but not least, I am drawn by Vejle Sports School because I have daily conversations with students that enlighten and surprise me. I play the drums for bands like eg. CODY and Shy Shy Shy and also play guitar and piano when I teach at Vejle Sports School. In addition, I am very interested in media and social debate and love to participate in a good discussion.


- Educated drummer at The Danish Academy of Music

- Has participated in more than 10 album releases and has played hundreds of concerts in Denmark and around Europe

- Has written articles for the music magazine Udsving and the Danish Musicians' Association magazine

- Has studied one year at the Danish Media and Journalism College

- Has taught many different places and many age groups.

Asker Bjørk - Underviser på Vejle Idrætshøjskole