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Autumn course 2019 (19 weeks)

Sun, 11-08-2019 - Sat, 21-12-2019

Join us when the sun shines bright and our outdoor pool is ready for a swim. In addition to your chosen classes there will be many great experiences:

  • Outdoor trip in Denmark
  • Sports trip to Spain for all students
  • Events for family and friends
  • Sports days focusing on your chosen classes
  • Sports competitions/conventions/races
  • Singing and music
  • Event weekends and parties

We promise you an unforgettable stay with lots of sports, energy, experiences, team spirit and good times.

We guarantee sweat, sore muscles, laughter, adrenalin, inspirational inputs, eventful trips and friendships that can last for a life time. We set the ground for a stay full of play and practise with rich opportunity to challenge yourself, and gain more knowledge about yourself, others and your chosen classes.

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Outdoor trip
La Santa (autumn)


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