Our international students have the chance to choose up to 9 lessons of Danish langauge every week. The instruction is based on your individual level. The school provides a unique environment for practising your Danish throughout the day and in your free time. The social aspect of Vejle Sports School is very important and you will have rich opportunity to speak Danish with the students at the school at all hours. 

Some Danish lessons are part of the normal weekly schedule and some lessons will add extra lessons to your time schedule.

Danish language lessons at Vejle Sports School

Some students start from scratch, some student know a bit of Danish and other students speak well, but can't read or write. We work on different levels and often use texts, pictures, music and little films in class. We learn together and individually.

We get out on the floor and we nerd out the details when necessary. It is amazing to make the students overcome their boundaries when speaking Danish. When they throw themselves into it, are brave and dare to make mistakes or saying something in Danish in front of a crowd.

In class it is ok to laugh while you learn and try to pronounce a new difficult Danish word. Together, we feel the joy when cracking the code to the Danish language structure, learn a new sentence or when a student proudly announces that they have been having a conversation in Danish or given a presentation in another class.

We try to make the Danish classes fun and celebrate our successes. Most students find that learning more Danish adds a dimension to their time in Denmark.

Want to learn Danish?

In class we focus on:

  • Learning more words
  • Getting better at small-talking in Danish
  • Building our confidence with regards to speaking Danish
  • Improving our understanding of Danish
  • Improving our reading and writing


Mette about Danish class

I have been teaching Danish to foreigners for many years. It is always amazing to feel the motivation of students who really wants or needs to learn. I can see that learning Danish really has a positive impact on their daily life here and now. It is very motivating to see students get better, develop and learn.