Interval, pace & distance running

The classes are for experienced runners as well as beginners. Maybe you want to run a faster 5K, or get a better experience with a marathon/half marathon? We run around our cinder track and the beautiful scenery around the school in different terrains and with varying intensity. You will learn to plan training programmes to maintain your motivation and prevent injuries.

Jakob Sikjær about interval, pace & distance running

Being able to complete different distances in all kinds of terrain becomes more and more popular. That requires proper and structured training. I find really exciting to work with training planning to make optimum training and achieve your personal goals.

Thomas about interval, pace & distance running

It is awesome to push yourself and experience that you can actually make it faster or further than you think. And it is very satisfactory to be able to set a goal and actually achieve it.

Thea about interval, pace & distance running

I spent a lot of time testing myself on many distances in many different situations. It can give you crazy experiences when you – alone or with friends – actually achieve goals that exceed what you knew as possible. But beware – you can get addicted to the feeling.

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