Personal power & teambuilding


This class is about your personal impact. We focus on several elements that make up your personal power, e.g. charisma, body language, reasoning, drama, presentation, listening, stress, solving conflicts, selling yourself. Together, we challenge our personalities and appearance.

How do you present yourself and sell yourself in the best way for example at a job interview? How can you be better at making a good speech and presenting it in front of a crowd? The subject is also about getting to know yourself – your best qualities and the ones you can improve. We will work with coaching techniques and elements from positive psychology. We will learn that sometimes saying no is just as good as saying yes. We will work with many different techniques and tools that will improve your personal power and make it easier to deal with many different situations in the future.


Personal development with focus on power!

Personal power is for you if you like to work with yourself, but also if you already know how to give a good speech and know your own strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you have already worked with positive thinking and know how to write good job applications, but you want to improve and develop your competencies. The subject is also for you if you never learned about these things, but would like to work with yourself, improve your self-esteem and be able to speak in front of a crowd.

We will challenge your personality and appearance. There are many elements that combined makes up your personal power e.g. charisma, body language and argumentation. We will practice these elements with role-plays and exercises.

You will learn to give a good presentation or speech in front of a crowd. You will improve your presentation techniques and we may record you on video to get feedback when you are giving a presentation.

Solidarity is a key word when we talk about self-development. Furthermore, the importance of being a part of a group where you feel safe and comfortable enough to open up and expand your comfort zone is an important element of the lessons. We will do teambuilding exercises and work together with self-development.

We will train your concentration, your ability to listen, make you more self-aware, and experience how you affect others and how they perceive you. We will also talk about stress and low self-worth. We will use personality tests to learn more about others and ourselves as well as to learn that we are all different individuals. What is right for you might not be right for another. We will practice setting boundaries and saying yes and no as well as practice to differentiate between positive and negative.

We will work with goal setting and you will learn coaching techniques to coach yourself or your friends to achieve your/their goals.

Personal power will give you the tools you need to succeed at the things you want in life.


Thea om personlig power og teambuilding

”In one sense choice is possible, but what is not possible is not to choose. I can always choose, but I must know that if I do not choose, that is still a choice.” - Sartre

Sartre's quote is perfect with this class, because we take stance for ourselves and the direction of our life. It is about having the courage to confront ourselves. I love being part of the process, when the students learn more about themselves.

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