Støttemuligheder for nordiske elever

Det er muligt for elever fra hele verden at søge om støtte til et højskoleophold af minimum 8 ugers varighed. 

Generel information: 

Undervisningen udgør 70 % af uge prisen.

Kost og logi udgør 30 % af uge prisen. 

Norske elever: 

Du kan som norsk elev søge om stipendium og lån til dit højskoleophold. For at opfylde kravene til stipendiet/lånet skal kursets varighed være af  minimum 16 uger. Derudover har du også mulighed for at opnå konkurrence point, hvis du deltager på et kursus af minimum 36 ugers varighed.

Islandske elever: 

Som islandsk elev kan du igennem den nordiske forening på Island søge om stipendier til dit højskoleophold i Danmark. 

Færøske elever 

Du kan som færøsk elev søge om et stipendium til dit højskole ophold, hvis opholdet er minimum et studieår. 








Hør mere om dine muligheder for støtte
Peter Sebastian Petersen

Peter Sebastian Petersen

Vejle Idrætshøjskole tilbyder også støtte til vores nordiske elever. 

+45 2929 6387

"My year at Vejle Idrætshøjskole was unforgettable. I went there thinking that I wanted to play tennis, but I have done so much more. There were so many things to choose from and I got a lot out of my stay. I have sailed, took a diving certificate, been skiing in Austria, driven snow scooter, played tennis, achieved a fitness instructor's certificate and learned about nutrition. That is just some of all the things I did. 

They have made the course so that you can try many different things or focus more on the subjects you like. I would recommend everone who likes to do sports and/or try new things to take a year in Denmark. You get many new friends and experience a lot. And learn Danish."
Kaisa Gamman, Norway

"It was a true adventure being at VIH after high school. For me it was a great idea to take a year off insted of going directly to university, because I wanted to try something new and exciting. At Vejle Sports School you are greeted welcome by both students and teachers. You are always busy - whether you are doing sports, meeting new people or just hanging out in a cozy atmosphere - "hygge" as the Danes call it.  Fridays were my favorite days. We started breakfast, then went for morning assembly at 8.00 with all the students and teachers of the school often with a song and discussion of some issues. After this I went to either yoga or crossfit. 

Lunch was often a Danish rye bread with all the best of the Danes offer. After lunch we had sports again. I really enjoyed the sports like running in the woods, swimming or diving. In the evening we had "fredagsbar" (Friday bar night) and danced most of the night! I sincerely recommend Vejle Sports School. It is the best and most fun adventure I've had"