Former international students

Former international students

Most of our students spend a whole - or part of - a gap year here at Vejle Sports School. The list of reasons to come is long:

  • Practise/improve your language skills, work on your competencies, make friends, build up your shape, learn about Danish society and culture, develop personal and social skills, reload your batteries, face exciting challenges of a life time, ...

Here are some of the focus points of our former international students.

Sophia about Vejle Sports School - Germany

"It is very nice here. People are very happy all the time and there is always someone to talk with or laugh with. And there is always a good mood and good energy. I was surprised in a really good way when I came because people were so nice - everyone was so open and helped you a lot. And people are very open to speaking English.

The teachers are also really great - you can talk to them in a personal way. And they are very professional, because they know their sports subject very well.

My highlights during my stay at Vejle Sports School were the trips to Austria, and the ski trip and La Santa"

Sophia, Cologne, Germany
Svanborg about Vejle Sports School - Iceland

"It was a true adventure being at VIH after high school. For me it was a great idea to take a year off insted of going directly to university, because I wanted to try something new and exciting. At Vejle Sports School you are greeted welcome by both students and teachers. You are always busy - whether you are doing sports, meeting new people or just hanging out in a cozy atmosphere - "hygge" as the Danes call it.  Fridays were my favorite days. We started breakfast, then went for morning assembly at 8.00 with all the students and teachers of the school often with a song and discussion of some issues. After this I went to either yoga or crossfit. 

Lunch was often a Danish rye bread with all the best of the Danes offer. After lunch we had sports again. I really enjoyed the sports like running in the woods, swimming or diving. In the evening we had "fredagsbar" (Friday bar night) and danced most of the night! I sincerely recommend Vejle Sports School. It is the best and most fun adventure I've had"

Svanborg, Iceland
Mathias about Vejle Sports School - Germany

"I came to Vejle Sports School because I knew about this kind of school from my father, who is Danish. I wanted to practise the Danish language and get a better understanding of the Danish culture. The bonus is that I also got a lot of Danish and international friends now. I would say that the close social community and the friends is the most important part of the school. Being together many people from different cultures. It is like we grow together, because you become close friends very fast, when you spend every hour together.  

Before I started at Vejle Sports School I had just finished my exam from high school in Germany. It was a stressful period with a lot of work and Vejle Sports School was a great change in comparison. At the school I got a chance to enjoy fun activities and think about what I want for myself and my future.

There are no schools like this in Germany and it is even hard to explain it to my friends, because it is so much different. In Germany there is more pressure for you to start university studies right away, therefore it has been a nice chance to experience, that it is ok not to rush through your studies too fast."

Mathias - Germany
Sumire about Vejle Sports School - Japan

"We have a lot of opportunities to try to new things at VIH. I tried adventurerace, kayaking and icehockey for the first time. If I stayed in Japan, I wouldn’t have a chance to do those sports. I also improved my English a lot. Although English is the second language in Denmark, all the Danish people speak fluent and clear English. I couldn’t speak Danish at all, so that was a good thing. I really enjoyed the stay here."

Sumire, Japan
Erika about Vejle Sports School - USA

"The atmosphere here is very cozy. It is called ”hygge”. Everyone interacts very well. But the best thing here is the friends you make. The school organization is very social and encourages strong relations between students, but also between students and teachers.  I also have to stress the adventure trip to Austria where you get to do canyoning, white water rafting and more crazy stuff. It was amazing. I never thought I was gonna jump from 4 meters,  but I did!

This school is different from what I know in the US. You are a lot closer to your teachers for instance. They are kind of like your friends and we mesh well all together.

To begin with I was shy and timid and I got a bit frustrated, because I didn't understand any Danish. And even though all the classes are in English or translated into English, I felt it was a bit hard. But then I just made a conscious decision to be more outgoing and to ask people for translation when I needed it. I found out that there was really no reason to be timid.

I have definitely learned a lot about myself – and about my strengths and weaknesses. I am a different person now than when I started at the school. It got me out of my comfort zone and made me push myself."

Erika, USA
Kaisa about Vejle Sports School - Norway

"My year at Vejle Idrætshøjskole was unforgettable. I went there thinking that I wanted to play tennis, but I have done so much more. There were so many things to choose from and I got a lot out of my stay. I have sailed, took a diving certificate, been skiing in Austria, driven snow scooter, played tennis, achieved a fitness instructor's certificate and learned about nutrition. That is just some of all the things I did. 

They have made the course so that you can try many different things or focus more on the subjects you like. I would recommend everone who likes to do sports and/or try new things to take a year in Denmark. You get many new friends and experience a lot. And learn Danish."
Kaisa Gamman, Norway
Thomas about Vejle Sports School - Australia

The atmosphere here is great. It is very relaxed, but it can also be very intense at the same time. if you are a person who want to push yourself, sometimes it can be a bit demanding with all the sports.

The best thing is the people. Everyone is super nice and the environment is very supportive. It is more like a family since all the students live here and you get to talk about things that you normally wouldn't talk about with your friends.

The school stresses your personal development. Discussion classes will sometimes focus on topics that we face in our lives. You will discuss these topics with people the same age as you and it is interesting to hear what they think about them and how to fix them.

It is very different from the schools I know in Australia. You have more of a connection with the teachers and the relationship is a bit like being friends as well. Especially with the younger teachers. 
It is not like you are supposed to study all day. Instead, you do a lot of sports and get to do different classes that can inspire you or help you discover who you are.

The biggest challenge is actually staying fresh for all the stuff that's going on here. There is so much happening. If you are afraid of the language barrier, my experience is that it hasn't really been a problem. You hear a lot of Danish here and you pick up some of it. You can also take Danish language classes, but if you are not interested in learning Danish, everyone will speak English.

What do you get out of it? Great friendships, language competencies, overall wellbeing - both physically and mentally and you get the chance to focus on your interests and further yourself.

Thomas, Australia
Alicja about Vejle Sports School - Poland

"I wanted to go to Vejle Sports school to challenge myself, to try some of the many different subjects and to learn about a different culture. When you come as an international student you have to challenge yourself to be open and just go over and talk to people so they know that you are interested in talking.

Fortunately, in Vejle Sports School people are not afraid to speak English. Most people are good at English, but people will try even if they are not so good at it.

One of the best things about the school is the social atmosphere. It is kind of like a big family. Everyone is very friendly and helpful to each other. The school organizes many social activities all the time and because of that people get to know each other better. The school is a place where you learn to be more tolerant and learn that new things don’t have to be scary.

You also socialize with the teachers. At this school there are not the same distance between student and teacher as I have experienced at home."

Alicja Guzdek, Poland
Judith Boersema about Vejle Sports School - Netherlands

"In my gap year I went to Vejle Sports School to do many sports in the first place. In terms of sport, there is a lot of potential and it's fun to try new things. The school has a very nice cozy atmosphere. There is always someone to talk to, to laugh with and play sports with. It is extraordinary how you make friends for life in a relatively short time. It felt like a second family at the end of the six months.

It is especially amazing how nice and helpful everyone is. The contact with the teachers is very different than in the Netherlands. Much more informal and personal. They are there for the students to learn and to give a gift of time. And they are very enthusiastic in everything they do!

The classes are almost always in spoken English, otherwise you can always ask for a translation. But after the lessons the Danish students often talked among themselves in Danish. Fortunately, your fellow students are willing to speak English, you just have to remind them sometimes. Do not let the language barrier stop you! Especially since the international experience is a chance to challenge yourself and be open to others.
I had a great time at VIH, that would absolutely not want to miss out on!"

Judith Boersema, Netherlands
Anna Sofia about Vejle Sports School - Iceland

"I came to Vejle Idrætshøjskole to get better at sports and to improve my language skills. It was a good choice, because I really like being here. I can do all the sports that I want in the classes or in my spare time and both students and teachers are very easy to talk to and extremely kind to each other.

The teachers are really open – also outside of the classes and if there is a problem of any kind, they are willing to help. If I have felt a bit homesick sometimes, then my roommates have been so kind.

There are other international students at the school, so people understand that you can’t speak Danish. Usually you will get a translation, but otherwise you can just ask and people will help you.

I can recommend anyone who likes to do sports and who is up for a new experiences and fun challenges to try a stay at Vejle Idrætshøjskole."

Anna Sofia Rosdahl, Iceland
Natalia about Vejle Sports School - Poland

"Coming to VIH was my plan B but eventually It turned out to be better than plan A.

This kind of school will be perfect for anybody who doesn't know what to do after high school and enjoy any kind of physical activity.

 I came to VIH as very shy girl. My goals for the stay was to open myself, meet new people and prepare myself for more challenges in the future.

I absolutely enjoyed the atmosphere at school from the first day. Everybody was really opened and kind, what made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. I met absolutely fantastic people that I spent amazing 4,5 months. And thanks to the fact we had been with each other 24/7 helped to open myself and get really close to them. I really enjoyed the fact that school priorities teamwork. There was a lot of fun group activities that made us feel like a really team.

If you decide to come to school you should be prepared for a lot of fun activities, a lot of sport and a lot of “hygge”. You will also leave your comfort zone and do things you would never expect yourself to do. I am sure you will spend amazing time here and experience the best."

Natalia Łaski, Poland
Michal about Vejle Sports School - Slovakia

"The best thing is the people. Teachers and students – because everybody is friendly and smiling. When I need something I can just say it and everybody will help me. Everybody speaks English well.

There are many different things I can do and many different classes and trips to do. And after class I can play different sports or music whenever I want. The school has a new music room. 

My subjects were football, badminton & racket sports, Indoor cycling, pump & boxing. I have also had guitar lessons here and I never played before, but now I can play a little.

The food here is Danish. It means that lunch is often the same type of food (open rye bread sandwiches), but I love Friday’s lunch, because that is usually normal sandwiches.

I think it is perfect at Vejle Sports School."

Michal, Slovakia
Mehmet about Vejle Sports School - Turkey

"It is awesome to be at Vejle Sports school. I was supposed to stay there for a half year, but ended up staying almost a year, because I liked it so much. I would recommend it to everyone no matter where you come from. 

One of the best things was the first day when I came and discovered that people are really friendly and nice and talking to you. People help each other and have good energy. And the teachers are as a friend and they teach in a nice high level, so you can get more knowledge and more experience with your sports."

Mehmet, Turkey
Sara about Vejle sports school - Germany

”I chose to go to Vejle Idrætshøjskole because I wanted to improve my Danish while having the chance to do a lot of sports.

The best thing about the school is being together with the other students. There is a lot on the programme and there is always something going on.

I have learned a lot of Danish and I have experienced a big social development. When you always have somebody around then you also learn something about yourself.

The school is totally different from what I was used to in Germany. It is not only a school, it is also your home. In Germany everything is about learning the subjects, but here there is also focus on personal and social development.”

Sara Mehl, Germany
Nikoleta about Vejle Sports Academy - Slovakia

"If you knew exactly what kind of school this is, you would come.  I like this kind of system of education. Of course it is very different from Slovakia.

I will say if you don’t know what to do after high school and if you like sports this is a school for you.

You can do many kinds of sports. Don’t be afraid if you aren’t perfect. There are very good teachers who will teach you.

When I came I was very surprised about the relationship between student and teacher. I think that it is very good. Teachers are very open and funny. And students are very helpful.... like one big family.

You will get many new friends and a lot of experiences. You can also learn Danish."

Nika, Slovakia
Nadia about Vejle Sports School - Chile

Before coming to Vejle Sports School, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but as the days went on, I discovered a place where the concept of community and active life is key to functioning. Vejle Sports School is a place where adolescents can have different experiences and discover what they would like to do with their lives.

For me, the school was a nice opportunity to practice sports that I always liked, such as stand up paddle, cycling kayaking and canoeing; in addition to be able to participate in many other activities that involved a personal challenge. I discovered that I can overcome my limits and I also learned that there is always an opportunity to laugh at yourself.

In this school you will hear the word "cozyness" repeatedly, because all the people who are part of the school, try to create this warm atmosphere. Although sometimes it may be difficult to integrate into Danish conversations, most of the students speak good English and they usually respond in a good way to all internationals.

One of the elements that I really enjoed, is the support and passion that the teachers of the school put for the students; There will always be some of them willing to help you.

In brief, if you would like to have time to practice sports, camping, outdoor, walks, meet and share moment with people from different countries, challenge yourself in different ways, and of course learn more about Danish culture, this is the right place for you.

Nadia - Chile
Inunnguaq about Vejle Sports School - Greenland

”I really like being at Vejle Idrætshøjskole. When I finished my education I need a break from work and wanted to do sports, music and other things that I like. And here you can play a lot of football, which is great. You can also take a trainer's certificate really cheap. The certificate is valid in all of Europe.

Also, the best thing about being here is all the friends you get, when you are here. When you are not in class, you hang out with friends and have access to gyms and all the other facilities, so that you can be active whenever you want to.  

I applied for the teambuilder course at Vejle Sports School where I have learned to carry out big projects and build up activities from bottom.

Personally, I have also developed. E.g. I am much better now at talking to people I don't know.”

Solomon about Vejle sports school - Ghana

"The best thing about being here at Vejle idrætshøjskole is the sports and the coaches – having a full knowledge about the sports you like. And they give you the knowledge and the skills to develop in to a professional level.

The social environment is perfect. Everybody has a smile on their face and I love it when people say good morning to me every morning – asking me if I had a good sleep.

I will advise everybody who has no idea of how to build up a career in sports to come here. And also learn how to socialize and be much more open.

It is a perfect opportunity to travel to another country and learn about the culture."

Solomon A. Kwao, Ghana
Moritz about Vejle Sports Academy - Germany

"It is hard to explain this kind of school. There is a big difference between a German school and Vejle Sports Academy. You have to come here to understand it. If I should try and explain, I would say that the school has three components:

First, there is the sports that I came for to begin with. I was surprised that you can choose between over 20 different sports.

Secondly, there is the "fællesskab" which is actually the best thing here. "Fællesskab" is the Danish word for the fact that it is like one big family here. At the school everybody is your best friend. Both students and teachers are really supportive. E.g. nobody will laugh at you if you are not that good at something. Instead they will cheer you on, so you don't have to be scared to fail. It also means that you can open yourself up without being scared.

The third thing is the general knowledge subjects. This is the part where you also develop personally. You talk about different life themes and your point of view will be challenged. We don't have these classes in Germany, so I was positively surprised.

I also really like the personal relationship you have to the teachers. You don’ t call them mister, but you just say the prename of the teacher.

The hardest part here is the language. Especially in the first period. You don't have to be scared that people will not talk to you, because people are really friendly. But sometimes after classes the Danes will speak to each other in Danish and it can be hard to follow. Therefore it is a good thing that there are other international students. However, for German students the language is not that hard, because many of the Danish words are similar to German or English."

Moritz Pinkepank, Germany
Giovanna about Vejle Sports School - Brazil

"Vejle Sports School is a type of school different from everything else that I experienced as a student in my life.  I chose to come to Denmark because I wanted to learn more about Danish culture and sports. 

In Brazil we don't have schools like that and once you finish your high school, you must choose an education, so there's a lot of pressure to grow up as fast as you can and take the financial control of your life. Because we don't have the support of the government, such as Danish culture, as everyone in Brazil I finished my Bachelor as a Fashion Designer when I was 21, after a couple of years working I realized that the office life wasn't for me and that sports would always dominate my heart. Choosing VIH as a place to think and to give myself a time, at the same time being active and close to things that I like was the perfect choice. 

I had a great time at VIH, I learned a lot about myself, my strength and weaknesses, how to break the wall of my comfort zone, how to slow down and set up goals and to fight for them without stress, but with plan and practice.

To become a "Fitnessinstruktør" was the highlight. It was a big challenge, primarily because the course is in Danish and before coming to Denmark I didn't have any contact with the language. With focus and study I could make it, that was really awesome! 

Mostly all the students talk Danish, specially in their spare time or 'hygge' (cozy) moments, and you will have to bring a lot of effort to make them feel relaxed with the English. At the same time it's always a good opportunity to learn some Danish, which I think is pretty much cool. Besides that, all teachers talk English and you will have all the information that you need. 

Spending time at VIH is worth, there are things that I can't explain, there will be special people and maybe new friends in your stay and for sure if you want, you can take this experience to higher level and fall in love, for the Danish weather, for some sports, for yourself and maybe for somebody else..."

Giovanna - Brazil
Genki about Vejle Sports School - Japan

"The atmosphere here is very nice. Danish people do a lot of "hygge" which means to have a good time together.

I was a little bit nervous the first week, because I hadn't been in Europe before, but after 1 week or 2 weeks I already felt comfortable. Danish people become close friends and the teachers are very kind and friendly. They come very close to the students and if the student has a problem or something on their mind they can talk to the teachers. But the best thing here is the environment around the school. The nature and forest and the surroundings are really nice - and you can use all the facilities after class - for example the fitness room, the football grounds or the gym, if you like. 

The school is a good place if you want to develop your English or if you want to learn some Danish."

Genki, Japan
Petra about Vejle Sports School - Czech Republic

"I decided to go to Vejle Sports School, because I wanted to take a break after my studies in university and improve in sports as well. I have already known about this kind of school from my friend, who really recomended me to go there. I chose Vejle Idrætshøjskole, because I am interested in outdoor sports, mainly adventure race, in which I wanted to obtain better results. In VIH I liked Adventure race classes because of the teachers, Thea and Jeanette, too. They are very interested in this kind of activities and I liked their active attitude all the time.

In VIH I had opportunity to meet new friends from Denmark and other part of world, that I appreciated as well. I liked to talk with all of them in English and also was nice, that we -international students- had a chance to learn Danish too. All of the people in VIH were very nice, friendly, active and smart. I would like to thank all of the teachers for their perfect classes.


Almost five months in VIH was great exprerience in my life. I got to know new people, a different country, lifestyle and another kind of education, which does not occur in Czech Republic. I consider my stay in VIH like very beautiful part of my life, which I spend with nice people and lot of sports."

Petra Hoferova, Czech Republic
Krzysztof about Vejle Sports School - Poland

"I came to Vejle Sports School because I study Danish and wanted to improve my Danish language. At the school you have many opportunities to improve both your Danish and English. However, it is totally voluntary, if you want to learn Danish, because everyone here speaks English. My language has definitely improved and I am now more fluent in both Danish and English.

I was very surprised and glad to find out that the social aspect is prioritized by the school. I got great friends and many fun experiences with the other students. Many of the activities I had never tried before, so that has been very interesting. I will definitely miss the school a lot and want to come back for the yearly reunion.

One of the things that are different from Polish schools is the close relation between students and teachers. Here the distance between student and teacher is very short. And since this is a voluntary school form, all the students here are very motivated and engaged, which gives a good energy at the school."

Krzysztof, Poland
Tadeu about Vejle Sports School - Brazil

”I've always been interested in knowing a culture completely different from mine. And at Vejle Idrætshøjskole I could practice activities that I enjoy doing. When I heard about Vejle Idrætshøjskole I thought it would be the ideal opportunity for me to do an exchange where I could combine the interaction and knowledge of another culture. And even more - perform the activities of which are my biggest passions. Sport and also music.

Arguably the structure of the school is ideal for the practice of sports. Also with a team of teachers who are very attentive and respectful.

The exchange with Vejle Idrætshøjskole is important, because it gives the young Brazilians and also young people from all over the world the opportunity to exchange experiences and develop more conscious citizens and understand the differences of nations and living healthy.”

Tadeu, Brazil
Balazs about his stay(s) at VIH - Hungary

"The best thing about being at Vejle Idrætshøjskole is that you get a lot of new friends and that you learn about the culture in Denmark. The culture is different from Hungary. For Hungarian people it is also a really good chance to learn English and get better at speaking the language. 

I like the fact that you don't have to choose just one kind of sports, but you get to try out a lot of different sports. 

When I first came here I was very surprised about all the great facilities. For example the school has three gyms and two large grass fields - one with artificial turf to use in winter time.

Half of the year it is also possible to swim in the outdoor swimming pool. That is great.

I liked the school so much that after I went home I decided to come back for another stay."

Balazs Jablonkaí, Hungary
Andrea about Vejle Idrætshøjskole - Czech Republic

"I had decided to study at Vejle Idrætshøjskole because I had always dreamed about studying a sport school and I wanted to go abroad as well. During my stay I had chance to meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world. For example from Iceland, Ghana, Greenland, Lithuania and Denmark of course. I also got to know Denmark, its culture and its language.

We practiced sports almost every day. I focused on outdoor sports mostly. Some sports like diving or handball were really new for me. In addition to sport opportunities this school also offers various music classes. I loved my music classes because I could practice my saxophone and learned how to play the guitar.

The teachers at this school are professionals and always available to help and give some advice. These five months were great and I will remember them for the rest of my life. I can recommend this school to everyone who wants to enjoy several moths of doing sport and having fun."

Andrea Bauerová, Czech Republic
Lucas about Vejle Sports Academy - USA

"This kind of school was very new to me coming from the US. I think for a lot of people there are many positives from this kind of education. 

The best thing about the school is the social aspect. There is more of a family feeling here than in normal public schools in the US. Instead of the normal go-to-class with textbooks and so on this school targets more having a relationship to people.

The student to teacher communication is very very good. The teachers are very understanding and have a good network.

This type of school is kind of dificult to explain. You can’t really understand how it is untill you come here."

Lucas Stauffer, USA