What is a Danish Folk High School?


As a Danish Folk High School Vejle Sports School offers non-formal adult education. It means that there are no academic requirements for admittance and there are no exams – but you will get a diploma as a proof of your attendance. A Folk High School is not a qualification for the universities in Denmark, and you do not achieve an academic degree attending the school.  Some classes can be academic, but most of the classes are either practical sports, exercises or discussions.


We usually say that this is a school for life where we will challenge you on important life issues in an active atmosphere with friendship and social engagement. You sleep, eat, study and spend your spare time at the school. Therefore the school values will be influent at all hours af the day.


Many foreigners don’t know about this type of school, because it is a nordic phenomenon. Our students are often between 17½ and 25 years old. Most students come here in a gap year between high school and university. Some students come here without a high school diploma as part of their path to get an education and again others have already started university, but need a break or need to re-clarify their wishes for the future.

The large majority of the Danish students will have good English language skills and will be glad to converse with you when you speak in English, but in large groups sometimes you will have to assert yourself in the conversation.


All students live at the school. Therefore you can expect a social atmosphere at all times. In the school lounge students relax, talk and play games or play the piano. It is also possible to play football or pool or beat each other in board games in the lounge. From time to time we also put on a movie or watch sports events in Globen, our architectural lecture hall. If you need to take a rest you can always go to your room.

Enjoy the facilities in your spare time

In your free time you are also welcome to use our sports facilities, such as one of our gyms, the beach volleyball court, the disc golf course, our street basket court, our fitness room, our grass field or the artificial turf.

Oftentimes we open our outdoor swimming pool for pool games and relaxation.


Classes are mandatory. Usually there is no homework in between classes, but sometimes you can be asked to prepare something for class or for a social event.

In weekends students usually relax, arrange student sports tournaments, spend their leisure in Vejle city (4 km) or whatever is on their agenda. Some weekends we arrange big theme events for all students with parties. In normal weekends students get together with the weekend host teacher Friday afternoon to discuss the weekend agenda.

What do you gain from a stay at Vejle Sports School?


The school is located in the outskirts of a forest. It is beautiful in all seasons and you really experience the change in seasons. Literally, when you step out the front door of the school you are walking directly into the forest on small paths. Students can go for a short walk, run or bike ride through the forest to the fjord and the beach or to the supermarket.

It is also possible to go down the hill to Vejle city (4 km). Vejle city itself has a population of about 50,000 people. Vejle is a picturesque town located at the head of Vejle Fjord known for its forested hills.

Learn more about Vejle at welcometovejle.dk or Wikipedia.