Subjects & Classes

We have sports subjects, compentency subjects, inspiration subjects and common subjects – and you are able to design your stay when choosing your subjects.

You indicate which sport subject and compentency subject, you want in the registration. Inspiration subjects are chosen, when you attend the school. The inspiration subjects will vary.

You are free to choose and combine your favourite classes according to your interests. However, if you do not speak Danish, be sure to choose  “International class” as a compentency subject in your first period at the school.

Your stay is divided into periods. In the autumn course there is two periods. You will choose 2 sports subjects, one competency subject and an inspiration subject in both periods. In total 4 different sport subjects, 2 compentency subjects and 2 inspiration subjects.

In the spring course you will have 3 periods for the sports subjects and 2 periods for the compentency and inspiration subjects. Here you will choose 6 different sport subjects, 2 compentency subjects and 2 inspiration subjects.


You must choose 4-6 different sports subjects, 2 competency subjects and 2 inspiration subjects

Subjects for all of your interests

To us, sports is one of the best ways of spending time together, and it is an icebreaker when getting to know new people and new cultures. We also believe that sports can be part of your personal development. However, discussions, creativity and general knowledge subjects are also an important part of the curriculum.


The subjects you choose in your registration is a wish, so we can make the best possible variation of subjects.fagudbud.

Your wish for a subject is your first priority, but you will finally wish for subjects when you are at the school. Here you can ask more. We will try to give everybody their 1. priority, but sometimes students end up with 2nd or 3rd priority. You will make your priorities before starting and in the first days at the school.