Police prep (in Danish)

Students attending police prep prepare for the Danish police admission examination.

Police students helping the Danish police in training
Regular training drills

Students are tested on a regular basis in team based drills to test for points of improvement, and to improve physical prowess which is needed for the admission test.  

Martin about police prep

I have long experience making our Danish-speaking students ready for the entry exam for the police corps in Denmark. Together we put in motion a process to make you ready for the Police Academy in Denmark. I will guide and support you in this process while you make sure to keep the right attitude and effort.

Jakob about police prep

I make sure to set the up a clarifying, supportive and motivation course for you, if you are interested in the police corps. During the course you will try different exercises, tests, and experiences that will prepare you for the entry exam for the Police Academy. Some of it will be hard work and some of it will give an interesting insight into the job. When combining your will and interest in becoming a police officer with the content of this course, you have already made it a long way to be ready for the Police School.

Martin about police prep

Becoming a police officer requires a certain mentality. I will be there to help you clarify if the Police corps is the perfect match for you. During the course I will poke you a bit to focus on the parts of your personality that will be important for your future job with the Police corps. I have long experience training you to communicate to be able to answer precisely and honestly when doing the last part of the entry exam for the Police Academy.

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