These classes are for students who have already been a student at the school for one semester. You learn to plan and carry through projects and large arrangements. We work with different teambuilding exercises; what are they good for? How do you present them and follow up on them?

As a teambuilder & Instructor you are the person that make things happen.

Mika about teambuilders & instructors+

To me, it is an amazing process to see the students developing from starting small activities to see the manage large scale project as social entrepreneurs with an active movement focus. In these classes we go in depth and make projects happen.

Thomas about teambuilders & instructors+

I really value opening the backpack of the students to fill it up with as many tools as possible to be able to make their future challenges easier. And by that I mean all challenges of life – when studying, working or in their private life.

I value positivity and keeping that little extra energy in the daily life. To me it is about using your resources in the best possible way and to know your limits. We practice finding that edge. But most importantly – we stimulate your drive.

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