Sports School for children from 8-12 years in the autumn holiday

Sports School for children from 8-12 years in the autumn holiday

Teambuilder & Instruktør på Vejle Idrætshøjskole

In the autmn holiday in October Vejle Sports School open classes for children where they can participate in a two days Sports Camp. They can choose to participate in one of the following classes: football, handball, fitness and dance or Outdoor Life.


A win-win situation for everyone 

The children get two days filled with sports, learning new skills and getting good experiences. The students from Vejle Sports School get a chance to try out their skills as instructors for the children. 

Vejle Sports school has changed the normal schedule these days to create this opportunity for children and students and are looking forward to two exiting days with good energy. 

Channie Urup, who has been a student at Vejle Sports School and a leader of the Sports Camp, says:

"I have been teaching at the sports camp two years and I was leader of the camp last year. There is nothing more amazing than teaching the subject you love and at the same time experiencing the joy that the children give you. It will be two action packed days filled with good energy from both instructors and children."   

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