The badminton and racket class at VIH focuses on the joy of racket sports. The goal is to make you a better player and give you psychological insight into the games. Besides badminton you will also practice squash, tennis, table tennis and alternative forms of racket sports. We emphasize an intense, motivating and fun practice.

There are many similarities between the different types of sports included in the subject. We aim to create a subject for everyone who enjoys racket sports. Maybe you have a favorite, but you would also like to try some of the other games. It is not important whether you have tried the different types of sports before or not.

Your motivation is the driving force and you will get more insights and a better experience of the different types of sports.


Technical, tactical and mental training

Focus is on technical and tactical training, but the practice also includes mental training. The mental training evolves around questions like ‘what is fair play?’, ‘What are you thinking when you are playing?’ and ‘What does it take to get a better experience in this sport?’


We strive to go to watch a live match on a high level to experience some of the best players in Denmark or the world.

Martin Olsen

The name of this class could have been "small ball", because it is about smashing small balls. I see many similarities between the sports in this class. What fascinates me about racket sports is the demand to be completely present at all times. A moment of distraction and the duel - perhaps the whole game - will be lost. The classes will contain all the element I like about the sports. Presence, pace, endurance and elegance.