Jesper Dupont


Sports have always been a big part of my life and so has psychology. My knowledge of sports psychology has given me a special way of working with my sports.

Football – the best game in the world – is one of my biggest interests. I’ve played at all levels; right from Danish series football to super league. I’m also a C-instructor in DBU’s trainer education.

I often say that I’m the best at all sorts of sports, and in particular when it comes til dancing salsa and argentine tango. Dancing make you happy, and that is why I love teaching dance at Vejle Sports School.

Lately, golf has been one of my greatest interests. Golf is an amazing game – It is always testing you. Especially, how to keep your focus in the game, so you can play your best.


  • Cand. scient. in sports and psychology
  • DBU C-instructor in football
  • Handicap 4 in Golf
Jesper Dupont