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In football class we work with different playing styles and try out different roles and positions in the game. You will develop both technical, tactical and physical skills in different ways.

We focus on your development and the joy of playing. Football is fun, challenging and will inspire you to become a better player. To us football is more than just a game. We continually develop and aspire to find new ways and try new approaches to play.

  • To become a better player physically, technically and tactically
  • To get a deeper understanding of the game
  • To get insights as a football coach (DBU’s C trainer certification)

We work with an all-around and thematic approach to football training with focus on different aspects of the game, combined with the fundamentals of football.

  • Dribbling, juggling and tricks
  • Running and coordination
  • Defense systematics – zone, block and South American
  • Shots on goal
  • DBU C – coaching training
  • Offensive tactics
  • Game systematics
  • Theme training example Italian or Brazilian style
  • Interval matches
  • Matches (the students help arrange the matches)
  • Tournaments against other folk high schools
  • Watch local football matches at Vejle Stadium

Football at Vejle Sports School       

If you combine this class with our other football classes, you can enjoy football for more than 10 lessons per week.

We work with basic coaching skills in all football classes. If you would like to become a certified coach and delve into the Danish Football Union’s coaching programme, then you should choose our football coach & performance class.

The students arrange matches against other teams. Get more information about playing school matches when you start here. Vejle Sports School can help you if you would like to play more football and join a local football club.

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