The instruction consists mainly of technical and tactical training along with lots of relevant exercises. We will work with team development and understanding of the personality and abilities of co-players as well as opponents which is important for your performance in basketball. Through internal matches we put all of our training to use.


Basketball at Vejle Sports School

Basketball is an exciting sport for everyone. Our intention at Vejle Sports School is to give everyone who wants to play a great experience with the most popular ball games in the world. You are welcome to choose basketball here no matter whether you are an advanced player or completely new to the game.

The lessons will be a variation of training technical and tactical skills, but it will also include reflections about the game and knowledge about the history of basketball.

Fundamentals are important in basketball. Fundamentals include competencies with the ball such as dribbling and passes, which will be a part of the daily training. The ability to score is also very important and we will work with shots and lay ups. We wish to introduce you to tools that will improve your skills in basketball, but also skills you can use outside of the sports field in other contexts. One of those could be video analysis.

A large part of the lessons evolves around game related exercises. An important goal for the classes is understanding and practicing basketball as a game, however many aspects of the game is also learned through exercises in groups playing 2 against 2 or 3 against 3.

Every semester we look for opportunities to participate in matches and tournaments outside the school or competing against other folk high schools.


Basketball has evolved to be more than just a game. In many countries basketball is associated with a certain culture and lifestyle. The development is part of the history of basketball, which we will also touch upon in the lessons.

Vejle Sports School is located very centrally in Denmark, which makes it possible for us to watch exiting live matches in the best basketball league in Denmark.



  • Dribbling
  • Passes
  • Defense
  • Man-to-man
  • Zone
  • Shots
  • Game related exercises
  • Playing matches (participating in local tournaments)
  • Watch matches in the Danish basketball league



Martin Madsen

Basketball has always been my great passion. I have many years of experience as both a player and a coach from the best league in Denmark. Basketball at Vejle Sports School is for everyone. I find it at least as exciting to work with basketball at folk high school level as I do working with basketball on the highest level.

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