Cardio Attack

You will improve your fitness through different types of interval training. The classes consist of different types of HIIT, indoor cycling and boxing training. We promise classes with lots of speed and focus on pulse, power, sweat and positive aggression.

Cardio attack is for you if you want to improve your physical shape and learn new effective types of fitness.


High intensive interval training/ HIIT

HIIT is very popular at the moment and for good reason. HIIT is a highly effective workout that will give you good results. The focus can be cardio, plyometric strength or a fusion.


Fitness boxing

The lessons will be a combination of physical training and technical boxing /kickboxing exercises. You will learn to hit, kick and receive correctly and how to move when boxing with an opponent.

In the lessons we strive for high intensity training burning a lot of energy and exercising the whole body.


Indoor Cycling

Some of the lessons will include indoor cycling. Indoor cycling is an extremely effective cardio workout that increase your metabolism and focus on training your bag, core and legs. You will improve your driver position and technique for the best training results. We will also focus on natural movements to minimize the risk of injuries. There will be lots of verbal motivation when we aim to reach the “the spinners high” - a feeling of strength, inconvincibility and euphoria.   


Mette Bjerre about Cardio Attack

We focus on fitness and lots of power. In this class we combine some of my personal favorites and things are humming no matter what we do. The students are challenged in different ways. Some are challenged on their strength, some on their coordination and movement. But the room is always filled with positive energy and good spirits.

Jeanette about Cardio Attack

Indoor cycling is a perfect cardio workout. I have more than 20 years experience with indoor and outdoor cycling. You can get totally euforic when you experience that your body can actually achieve more than you thought. It feels amazing when we can share this experience together.