Futsal is 5 on 5 indoor football played with a special ball that does not jump as much as a regular football. The ball lets you practice tricks, dribbles, and cool details with lots of creativity. You get great conditions for developing your individual skills while enjoying the high pace and intensity of the game.


Futsal is a very popular sport right now. Many players from southern Europe and Latin America grew up with the game and they all say that is has been a very important base for their football skills.


Two very famous players got their fundamental skills from playing futsal:


“During my childhood in Portugal we basically played nothing else than futsal. To play on limited space helped evolve my technical skills and I always felt very free playing futsal. It is thanks to futsal that I am where I am today”.

- Christiano Ronaldo


“As a child in Argentina I played on the streets and for my local club. It was very fun and has helped me to get to where I am today”.

- Lionel Messi