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Game changer

Game changer

Are you looking for challenges?

Game changer is NOT a traditional sports class. As the name indicates, it is a multi-activity class where we can deal with different activities from time to time.

Primarily through play and themed activities that draw inspiration from themes such as navy seal, battle, escape room, tumbling, hang time, fight club, climbing, playtime, night theme etc.

We focus on the physical aspect, but to a large extent also on mental challenges, and as far as possible we try to merge the psychological and physical elements. In Game changer we look at e.g. on traditional activities and then twist different elements of the activity. For example, a classic game of hide-and-seek can be merged with strategic elements, so that you don’t just have to hide, but try to find the correct person in order win the game. We play with changing the games, whether it is our idea of ​​the game or whether we actually create a new set of rules to shape our own game. Therefore, we are “game changers” on different levels.

We also focus on the mental aspect. We strive to push the (perhaps somewhat locked-in) notions of what a certain activity can and should be able to do. You will be challenged to face a situation that you are not prepared in advance. So, from lesson to lesson, students must learn to find ease in not necessarily knowing what they will happen in the upcoming lesson.

We focus on supporting each other in activities that can seem challenging or out of the comfort zone. You will experience being in situations where the purpose is not necessarily to push one’s limits, but actually also to learn how to react and pay attention, so that you stay in touch with yourself all the way. Therefore, it is not only about pushing limits, but just as much about finding your limits and having the guts to stand by them.

If you like challenges in various forms, but also want to challenge yourself and your limits, Game Changer is the class for you!

You will be thrown into deep water

I like to give the students an empathetic push and create situations where we develop together. Sometimes you have to be thrown into deep water to save yourself ashore and experience that “yes, I made it.”

It’s all worth it to experience the students’ pride and joy when they’ve challenged themselves and maybe pushed some boundaries. The world just gets a little bit bigger!


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