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Improvisation means the unforeseen and unplanned. It is based on concepts such as spontaneity and reaction to external events. Improvisation in theater is theater without a script. Anyone can improvise and no prior skills are required to participate, but of course practice makes perfect.

The ability to listen to each other and get a feel for others and oneself is thereby trained.


Improvisational theater also provides unique opportunities to work with personal courage. Courage to stand up, courage to test, exaggerate, be ugly, show strong emotions and not least to be in interaction. In the work of improvisation, it is extremely important to relate to others and to have the courage to let yourself be guided by the present and not by your own thoughts.

It is important to work on saying ‘YES’ and agreeing to other ideas, even if the situation changes direction, and just agreeing to other ideas is an important lesson from improvisation theatre.

We laugh and have fun while we play

Improvisation is one of my absolute favorite subjects to teach. Being able to improvise is a quality you can use in countless situations in your life. In improv theater you learn to go with the first thought that arises, regardless of whether you thought it was good or bad, you learn techniques to make the thought interesting, entertaining and fun when you play it out on the floor with your mates. Improv is a profession where we reward failure and where we have to laugh and have fun while we play.


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