Mika Lund

It is amazing being able to keep your body active, to control it and to push yourself to the limit – both with regards to choreography, but also with regards to your fitness.

I have performed gymnastics my whole life and even though I enjoy many other kinds of sports, my heart beats for gymnastics. Being able to combine music and movement is what motivates me. When the music is playing, you can’t, but feel happy.

The gymnastics has also been my window to the world as I have travelled the world with my gymnastics team getting lots of exciting experiences, friendships, instructor’s and commitee experience and not least my experiences at Vejle Sports School.

Today, I have supplemented my gymnastics with lots of other genres. I teach aerobics, step and dance, fitness, effect and “Body & mind”. I am living my dream as I get to combine my hobby and my job.


  • MSc in math and sports as a minor
  • Participated in the Danish gymnastics world team.
  • Former instructor of local, regional and toplevel gymnastics teams.
  • DGI national aerobics instructor
  • EFFEKT master instructor
  • Yoga instructor
Mika Lund