Nanna Mikkelsen


The combination of community and the opportunity to get under the skin of students and the people I meet as a teacher, makes this school environment something very special.

I love being physically active and I can be found both outside and inside at Vejle Idrætshøjskole. Crossfit and strength training have been one of my biggest interests for several years. This type of paced and effective training is not just something I practice and teach, but simply something I’m passionate about.

I also have an equally great interest in outdoor life and nature. I love getting out in the open air, whether I am cooking over a fire, gathering ingredients from nature’s pantry, going on long trips with packs, mountain biking or putting on a pair of ‘trail’ shoes to go for a run in the forest.


  • Bachelor’s degree in outdoor life and sports “Høyskule på Vestlandet” in Sogndal, Norway
  • Safety course in climbing NKF
  • Activity leader in kayak NPF
  • Instructor at ARCA in Vejle and Crossfit in Sogndal
  • Freelance instructor
  • Certificate in Cross Gym at DGI
  • Co-owner of “2tm” with family trips abroad as well as tour guide and instructor
  • Teacher on various summer camps
Nanna Mikkelsen