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OCR & Fun Run

OCR & Fun Run

We enjoy challenging our physical fitness in the beautiful forest surrounding the school. The steep climbs and natural obstacles on the forest path or obstacle course require technique, strength and fitness. Each obstacle offers a personal victory, whether you like to tackle hills and climbs, if you’re into downhill speed, or you’re into the strategic part of the course, which requires you to analyse the obstacles before they can be overcome.

OCR stands for Obstacle Course Racing. OCR comes from the USA and is a military-inspired obstacle course. When you run, you will encounter various obstacles and physical challenges along the way. The challenges may involve technical obstacles and require strength or balance. Oftentimes, the obstacles are natural elements that you find along the way.

OCR provides a perfect variation of endurance, fitness and strength. The obstacles can be anything from climbing over walls to swimming in streams. Most races also have an element of military-inspired exercises, such as crawling under nets, running up muddy hills, or running with weights on your back. OCR is a new sporting trend that is here to stay and is developing rapidly. It is a fast-growing sport that has been popular abroad for several years. In Denmark, more and more people are starting to practice OCR and register for OCR races.

We will put together our own obstacle courses and try our hand at other people’s obstacle courses, as well as practice various fun elements. We will run, crawl, climb, lift, pull, push and jump. In these classe, we challenge ourselves both physically and mentally. We will help each other, learn from each other and have fun with each other.

It will not only be inspiring, your training will also be effective. The constant changes in pace, the hard hills and the strength-demanding obstacles are will all improve your fitness curve. Along the way, you become stronger, faster and bitten by a new sport you didn’t know existed.

OCR is a sport that everyone can participate in. You don’t have to master anything before joining. Oftentimes, participants in OCR races do not complete all challenges and obstacles, so you will not be the only one. OCR is about challenging yourself and at the same time having a good and fun experience.

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