Thomas Gejl


My primary areas of competence are team building and adventure. I have several years of experience, e.g. as an event coordinator in my teambuilding company “2tm”. I believe that interaction and cooperation with other people teaches us a lot about the many challenges of life.
I enjoy my life the most when I am surrounded by the elements of nature. Whether I am on land, at sea or in the air does not matter. For me, nature is a perfect place to expand your comfort zone and get a better knowledge of yourself and your physical capabilities. Climbing, triathlon, marathon, kayaking and especially alpine skiing and telemark fascinate me.

I also feel great in sand when there is a ball present. Beach volleyball and volleyball allow me to push myself physically. The feeling of jumping wildly to reach a ball at match point to ensure victory – it just adds fuel to my life.


  • Co-owner of “2m” teambuilding and events
  • Outdoor educator
  • Management training from Dansk Supermarked (Danish supermarket chain)
  • Teacher at various summer courses