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We create a serious HANG LOOSE atmosphere with lots of cool relaxed vibes from surfing, climbing and yoga. In the surf part wind will blow through your hair as you stand on the surfboard for the first time and learn how to cross Vejle Fiord. In the climbing part we work on several levels and you will learn how to secure fellow climbers and plan routes on the climbing wall. In our yoga sessions, we focus on mobility, balance and stability in your core via different forms of yoga; e.g. SUP yoga, aerial and hatha yoga.

Yoga, surfing and climbing is put together to get the best from each activity and give you the feeling of freedom. Like the feeling of riding just the right wave in the right moment or reaching the perfect flow when climbing up a tree or the climbing wall or when you master yoga poses with full focus and presence.

You will get the feeling of the lifestyle these activities invite to, which is all about inner and outer balance, focus and stability, and to be completely in tune with the surrounding nature.

We focus on helping each other and work with mental strength, balance, body awareness and endurance.

You will learn to master the board, the waves and the wind. The settings for surfing are the beautiful surroundings around Vejle Fiord. Here you will be introduced to Stand Up Paddling and Wind Surfing. You will learn surf theory and we will play with wind and waves. You will improve your technique and maybe want to challenge yourself more.

All equipment is available at the school and if you show up with a can-do spirit we promise that you will have great experiences. Especially when balance and technique goes hand in hand with timing and you are floating across the fiord. Of course, we will also enjoy the surfers’ atmosphere on the beach after training.

We will climb in the beautiful natural surroundings around the school both using the school’s climbing wall and the forest. We also have an indoor climbing wall we use if the weather is not for climbing outside. When climbing it is a battle between your own body weight and gravity – especially when you are hanging on the wall and have to transfer all your body weight from one step to the next. If you are used to running or cycling, climbing is a great supplement, because you train your muscle endurance in a completely different way.

You get a an adrenalin kick from the height and you will strengthen your concentration and focus when trying to keep yourself from falling down and at the same time you will learn to dispose your energy when you start to feel the acid in your muscles as your physical strength starts to run out.

There will be challenges on all levels, you will learn techniques, and learn how to plan a route that gives you the right level of challenge. You will also learn to keep others safe on the routes, which means that you can use your skills outside of the class to instruct others as well as yourself.

In the Yo’Surf’n’Climb classes you can get certification proving that you can secure others as they climb.  

In the yoga part, we will challenge our bodies in nature, on boards on the water, in yoga hammocks or in the school’s peaceful yoga room with view to the beautiful surrounding forest.

We will improve our body awareness, movement and core stability. The yoga exercises will improve your physical and mental strength and endurance as well as your presence and focus. The skills you attain in yoga, such as improved concentration, stability and flexibility are basic skills you also can use in all other sports.

We train different types of yoga such as SUP yoga, aerial and hatha yoga.

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