Vejle Sports School - An experience for life

Vejle Sports School - An experience for life

We offer sports subjects in more than 30 sports classes with challenges for both beginners and experienced. However, discussions, creativity, general knowledge subjects are also an important part of our classes. 

The courses are usually between 19 and 24 weeks duration. As a Danish folk high school our students live at the school. Our values are about developing yourself personally, socially and professionally by seizing exciting challenges in a social environment and active daily life. 

The school language is Danish and you must be able to speak and understand a minimum of Danish to join a course here. Other than that there are no prerequisites, no exams, and no grades. You will get a diploma as proof of your attendance

Prepare for challenges, sweat, teamwork, social activity and an experience for life. We look forward to seeing you!

Hverdagen og idrætten på VIH

For os handler højskole om fællesskab, venskab og oplevelser sammen med andre. 

Vi har inddelt vores fag i forskellige fagkategorier, men du kan kombinere alle fagene til dit helt eget skræddersyede skema.

Vælg de fag, du gerne vil udfordre dig selv i. Der er plads til alle uanset dit niveau.

Rejser med idrætshøjskolen

Vejle Idrætshøjskole - En del af Højskolerne