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Crossfitness is about core strength and fitness practising varied functional whole-body movements – often with kettlebells, barbells, free weights, etc. We create an intense training atmosphere with music and lots of motivational shouts. You will learn many of the technically difficult exercises such as Turkish get-up, thrusters and jerks, as well as gymnastic exercises such as pistol squats and handstand push ups.

A typical crossfitness class will consist of a warm-up, technical training followed by a workout. The duration of the workouts is short and takes place with high intensity. The degree of difficulty can vary. In addition to that, we also work with trigger points and mobility training.

Crossfitness is about becoming the perfect athlete and being able to master many technical exercises within powerlifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastic exercises, as well as being good at strength and cardio. We strive to improve within all parameters during the course of the classes, – getting closer to the goal of becoming the perfect athlete through challenging and hard training sessions.

Crossfitness is practiced by many athletes worldwide. Although it is a sport that can demand a lot, if you want to master everything within the sport, everyone can take part in cross fitness at Vejle Idrætshøjskole. We start with the fundamentals and work on from there.

The classes will focus a lot on technical training and at the end of the course, you will have acquired knowledge within some technically difficult exercises, especially in the gymnastic exercises and Olympic lifts. We will always offer an alternative, if an exercise becomes too difficult.

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