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Maybe you think adventureracing is all about running, cycling and swimming. You are completely wrong there! Adventure race is a sport that extends far beyond running, cycling and swimming. In fact, adventure racing is one of the few multi-sport forms where you really get to experience the importance of team spirits.

You cannot get through a race without your teammates, team effort and team spirit. Together, you must solve various challenges that challenge you both physically and mentally. Can the team keep a cool head while the pulse is pumping at high pressure and you have to solve a difficult riddle or puzzle? Hopefully, with a little help from a friend. Cooperation and communication are key factors for your team’s path to victory.


You will try disciplines such as sea kayaking, paddle boards, archery, cycling, climbing and much more. We use the school surroundings, which are ideal for adventure racing, as we are both close to forest, open land and water.

It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner or a world champion in one or more of the sports. Your navigation and orienteering skills can be very crucial for a race. The key point is that your team holds a lot of different capabilities to be the perfect adventurerace team!

Adventure race at Vejle Sports School is taught by some of the country’s most competent instructors in adventure racing. Both instructors have participated at the World Championship in Adventurerace, and Thea Storm is a former Danish champion from 2014 and 2015.

Most importantly, it is the motivation and the desire to try a new sports actitivity which is based on a large number of different disciplines. The school provides all technical equipment: mountain bikes, climbing equipment, kayaks, compass, etc. All you need is a pair of running shoes and training clothes that can get wet and dirty.

During our adventure race classes, we promise that you will get sweaty, try new things, experience team spirits and challenge yourself physically and mentally!

You never get bored

Adventure race is a great class where you try all sorts of different things and put it together into one race. It can be things like orienteering/cycling, climbing, roller skating, archery or tasks where you have to use your brain. The teachers are good at making teams that are roughly equal before a race so you can compete against the others. This makes everyone motivated to win. The best thing about adventure racing is that you never get bored because you are challenged at many different points in a race .”


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