In crossfitness classes we practise a variety of full-body exercises to improve your core strength and physical fitness. Usually in an intense atmosphere using kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, etc. You will learn many technically difficult exercises like e.g. ’Turkish get-up’ that will strengthen your endurance and flexibility.

Mette Bjerre

The target for crossfitness is the perfect athlete. That is a major target, but it is amazing to supply the students with the tools and skills to reach such a target.

I have been practising and councelling others in crossfitness for several years. I have experienced for myself the great physical results you can achieve by practising crossfitness. It is an activity that requires focus and endurance. However, you will often see and feel a big difference even after a short term crossfitness course here at Vejle Sports School.

Karsten Lund

Getting to know myself and my physical limits through strength training is very motivation to me. Being able to teach, test and council others in this field is awesome. Whether it is crossfitness, flexibility, lifts, or something else, I look forward to supporting you on the short or lon run.