We will dance up our fitness level and focus on the joy of movement as well as on our personal styles. Your physical condition and coordination are important elements. Our choreographies implement styles such as modern dance, funk, street dance and house, but we spice up our instruction with other styles as well. We organize the lessons to suit everyone regardless of gender, level, ambition and nationality.

We will work with basic steps and develop new steps and choreographies for a final performance. Your creativity and ideas will create the show.  

We will sweat, smile and challenge our bodies in a positive and joyful way.


Events and experiences

There will be several events and experiences:

  • Guest instructors
  • Special days dedicated to dancing
  • Sports meetings and workshops with other Sports Schools
  • Training in local fitness centers and dance institutes
  • Dance spots – try  many different dance styles
  • Dance show / performance


The purpose of Dancing

The purpose is to develop practical skills and you will get:

  • Lots of practical inputs
  • More body awareness and quality in your movements
  • Develop your own presentation style and communication skills
  • Develop professional and social competencies
  • Experience the joy of different dance styles and their potential


Ann-Britt about dance

I really enjoy communicating steps and movements. Seeing the dance students develop their physical expresssion and experiencing their succes is amazing. Using your body, being creative, developing choreography and making it happen in unison is what gives the classes energy and what makes it all come together. I enjoy the physical challenge of dancing myself. With a background in gymnastics it has been natural for me to dance. I am always curious and try to experiment with different forms and expressions of different dance genres. 

Mika about dance

I have always loved moving to music and challenging the body via choreography and steps. Feeling my pulse and performing choreographies with a flow makes me bubble and I can't help but getting a smile on my lips. 

Jacob about dance

I love moving to the music. I have been a dancer for many year and have taught dancing in different schools. We all have rhythm - some just need help finding it. Through physical training, rhythmic movement and lots of humor my classes consist of alternative, but instructive ways of teaching and moving with the music as your partner. I look forward to teaching you a lot about movement in new ways combined with a good amount of humor.

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