Jeanette Møller Hovslagare


I’m a ballplayer, but through the years my interest for adventurerace has grown. I love exercising my body and my mind and I love being out in the nature.

Vejle Sports School offers an amazing environment with great people, who love sports. There are great opportunities to explore new things and take part in good experiences. I love to inspire students to believe in themselves and to have courage to try something new.

I’m looking forward to take part in giving you new experiences, where you can challenge yourself both physically and mentally. You get to experience your strengths, and test your qualities. You might also discover new qualities within yourself.

For me, this school is driven by curiosity and commitment, and I am delighted when I can help create “aha” experiences for the students.


  • Sports consultant – Sportsinstitut Bosön Stockholm.
  • UEFA’s A-licence coach in football.
  • World Championship in Adventurerace in Kirghizistan.
  • Football talent coach through many years in JBU and DBU.
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle coach – Paul Check.
  • Salespsychology – Erhvervsakademiet – Aarhus.
  • Winner of Gladiator.