Casper Vestergaard


At Vejle Sports School, you will meet a community and experience togetherness originating in the joy of sports. This adds up to a unique setting for a fantastic stay at the college. My own interest in sports and the body has been pervasive throughout my life, which has led to a en education that has combined sports and physiotherapy. It means, that I not only have experience training athletes at all levels, but also guiding and helping with injuries, which can be an inevitable part of being an athlete.

My own background in sports has involved a lot of ball-oriented sports over the years, where I am a very passionate team player in e.g. football and volleyball. I am very interested in the technical details and tactical aspects, but I equally prioritize the development of team spirit and the joy of participating in a team sport.

I am at my best out in nature, and you will therefore often see me on a mountain bike, climbing walls or trees or under the water with a harpoon in my hand. I also really appreciate the Nordic outdoor life with shelter trips and cooking food over a fire. I have also traveled in large parts of the world, with a focus on experiencing nature, including mountain climbing in South America, kayak trips around tropical Pacific islands and survival trips in New Zealand.

Vejle Sports School is the perfect setting for me to help outdoor-engaged students of all levels to develop and create unforgettable memories in our fantastic nature.


  • Physiotherapist from University College Nordjylland
  • Studied Sports at Aalborg University
  • Outdoor Leadership and Exercise Science from Auckland University of Technology
  • Kayak instructor
  • Safety certificate for climbing
  • Football coach B
  • DGI Foreningsfitness instructor