We will be working with ensemble, theory and audio learning, song writing, vocal training, chorus and performance – all on the basis of student wishes and your personal level. We will be working with coordination, movement and creativity with the shared purpose of joy and playing for all!


Music at Vejle Sports School

We listen to music everywhere – on the radio, in the supermarket, when we wash the dishes or go for a run. However, one thing is to listen to music and another is to play and create music together in a strong community at a folk high school.

Playing and creating music together is our first priority. When we are playing with each our instrument or learning about rhythms it is all about listening to each other and being in the experience together.


Band teamwork

You will get the opportunity to join a band. We will create one or more bands and play together. You are welcome to bring your own instrument. The school has base, guitar, drums, piano, keyboard, sax and percussion. We will play pop, rock, blues or maybe another genre that you wish to play.


Singing lessons and lessons in different types of instruments

If you are a beginner, you get the perfect opportunity to learn more about music. You will get a basic understanding of the instrument you play and if you are more experienced, we will start at your current level and improve your skills.


Songwriter lessons

If the students wish to create original songs, we will create our own material. We work with both lyrics, melody and accompaniment.


Music exercises

Music trains your coordination and the best way to learn is through exercises and games. We will practice different music games to get the feeling of spontaneity and drive in the music.


Music interpretation and understanding

We will talk about musical parameters, listen to and interpret music and the different instruments, as well as discuss what good and bad music is. We will learn about a lot of different genres and get deeper knowledge of each genre.


Music theory

Music theory is an essential part of the teaching at a folk high school. You will learn about rhythm, notes, chords, and we will work with the note system from the beginning.


Concerts at the school

Finally yet importantly, we will perform for the other students at the school. If you want to have great experiences and learn more about music this class is for you.  


Asker about musik

I love the energy, cooperation and the team spirit. I love the joy and love passing on the joy. Getting the opportunity to go in depth, geek out a bit and go into detail makes it even more fun. I love seeing the students succeed with what they have practised. I love seeing how proud they get after a performance – whether it is in front of a small or a large audience.

"Music classes were different than in high school"
Rebecca - Elev på Vejle Idrætshøjskole

”I didn't particularly like music classes in high school. They lacked fun and joy. That is why I didn't know whether or not to choose music at Vejle Sports School. I couldn't play any instruments, but the music classes were fun and creative and I got to try many new and different things.

I feel like I grew over my head. And I have experienced that I can learn a lot in relations to music even though I was a late starter."

- Rebecca, 2017
"You can get a long way"
Jannie, elev på Vejle Idrætshøjskole

"I didn't have much experience before I started at Vejle Sports School, but I had a really great experience in my music classes. 

In my class about three of the students could already play the piano. I have always been impressed when people could just sit down and play. That is why I decided to learn to play the piano during my stay. There are pianos in many of the rooms and I could ask several people to help me every once in a while so therefore it was easy to go to.

It has required a lot of practice outside of class too, but I have made it a long way and I can actually play quite a bit now, which is a pretty cool feeling."

- Jannie, 2017/18
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