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Personal power

Personal power

This class is about you and your personal impact – your personal power.

How do you make the best impression of yourself e.g. at a job interview? How do you prepare to stand in front of a large crowd? How do you make a good presentation or give a good speech? The class is also about getting to know yourself better, your best qualities and the ones you can improve.

We work with coaching techniques, elements from positive thinking/positive psychology. We learn that sometimes saying no is just as good as saying yes. In short, during our classes of personal power you get to know many techniques, tools and gain experience which should enable you to cope better in various future situations.

Maybe you already know how to give presentations in front of a crowd, know your strengths and weaknesses or have already worked with positive thinking? Or maybe you don’t and want to learn? This class is for anyone who wants to improve their skills and who want to gain more trust in themselves, and who have the courage to work with themselves.

In class, we will challenge our personalities and appearance. We work with many elements which together make up your power – i.a. charisma, body language and argumentation. Normally, through exercises and role plays. The tasks will be challenging at times and push you to the limits of your comfort zone, but as a team we try to get everyone involved and create a space where there you feel safe enough to accept challenges.

You will learn how to give a good presentation or speech in front of a crowd. You will improve your presentation techniques and we may record you on video to give feedback when you are giving a presentation.

Feeling safe is key when we want to challenge ourselves. Therefore, it is important to be part of a group where you feel safe and comfortable enough to open up and expand your comfort zone. We will do teambuilding exercises and work together on our individual goals.

We work on your concentration, your ability to listen, and you will learn more about who you are, how you affect others and how they perceive you. We will also talk about stress and low self-worth. We will use personality tests to learn more about ourselves and others and the tests make it clear and visible that we are all different individuals. What is right for you might not be right for the next person. We will practice setting boundaries, saying yes and no in the right situations and differentiate between positive and negative.

We will work with goal setting and you will learn coaching techniques to coach yourself or your friends to achieve your/their goals.

Personal power will give you tools that you can use almost anywhere in life.

We push our limits

I love my job, when I see the students gain more confidence in who they are. We challenge ourselves and stand up for ourselves through all sorts of exercises where we push our limits a little. We learn to set a direction for ourselves and say stop when needed. The personal power class should be chosen by everyone.

Karsten Thor Lund, teacher

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