Sea kayaking


Sea kayaking is your chance to get amazing experiences at sea. Our conditions are optimum with Vejle Fjord very close to the school. We practice our technique in the kayak and go on trips with the chance to spot porpoises. Besides, you will become familiar with kayak surfing.


Sea kayaking is a combination of technical skills, nature experiences and physical activities in water. Sea kayaking is the perfect tool for games and playing. It is great for both short trips on the water or longer trips with sleepovers where we can be lucky to spot curious seals and porpoises.


It is possible for you to take an IPP2 certificate.


Thea about sea kayaking

I have had some of my coolest experiences sea kayaking. E.g. I have paddled between ice bergs in Greenland, seen dolphins up-close in Chile and not least paddled close by seals and porpoises in Vejle Fiord. It is an awesome rush when you are wave surfing in a sea kayak. When you just fly on a wave over the sea. That is a must-try experience. I also enjoy transporting myself in the kayak, when i go on outdoor trips on some of the great nature camp sites in Denmark. I like playing and challenging myself in the kayak which is why I regularly take courses so I am always up to date as a sea kayak instructor.

Jacob about sea kayaking

I have had amazing experiences sea kayaking. I have paddled countless trips on fiords and on the sea as well as trips down the Colorado river in the US. Sea kayaking is an excellent way to experience nature. Besides it is awesome to romp around playing on the water and learning how to surf on a wave in your kayak, when the wind allows you.

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