Strength training

Would you like to learn the correct strength training techniques and get a more efficient strength training programme? The instruction includes technical training with the most well-known free weight and machine exercises as well as putting together programmes and different methods of strength training. You will improve your movements, your mobility and learn how to transfer your strength to your daily life or your sports. We will explore different themes, routines and forms of strength training.


Training with weights

We mainly use free weights for training and we will work with techniques using weights and kettlebells. We will do classic lifts such as squats and dead lifts, but we will also challenge you with e.g. “man builder” and “Turkish get up”.


Personalized training program

We will help you to plan a training program specialized for your personal goals and wishes. Your personal program can be focused on improving your fitness towards a specific sport, or on improving your general health or looks.


Progression in strength training

We work with different ways to ensure progression in the training. We teach you how to make tests, but also more pragmatic approaches to ensure continually progression.


Explosive strength, maximum strength and muscle gain

We work with differences and similarities between doing functional training to improve your explosive strength versus building stronger muscles.  



Karsten about strength training

Getting to know myself and my physical limits through strength training is very motivation to me. Being able to teach, test and council others in this field is awesome. Whether it is crossfitness, flexibility, lifts, or something else, I look forward to supporting you on the short or lon run.

Lars about strength training

Strength training is a good foundation for many things. I use strength training a lot in my own training. Besides my teaching I am the editor of a Danish training website, where we share knowledge about strength training. My approach is always functional training. And I am not afraid to choose the classic exercises such as squat and dead lift.

Martin about strength training

With lots of personal training experience, my university degree and my coaching of students and talents I have lots of tools to optimize your personal strength training. To me, functional training with free weights and your own body weight makes most sense whether your goal is to increase your explosivity, your muscle mass or to prevent injuries.