Adventureracing is a relatively new sport in Denmark. In an adventurerace different individual sports disciplines are combined into a team sport. We work with disciplines such as MTB, climbing activities, cooperation exercises, orienteering, kayaking, inline skating and water activities. The activities are mixed in mini adventure races. If you are willing to make an effort, we ensure fun challenges whatever your level is.

Adventurerace is packed with action, power and sweat. We will challenge you personally, physically and as a team player. Team effort, communication and cooperation is essential for success in adventurerace.


Adventurerace at Vejle Sports School

Give yourself the chance to try adventurerace with two of Denmark’s most experienced adventurerace teachers.

The team as a whole is not stronger than the weakest link, which is why team effort and cooperation is the key to this sport.  

It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner or a world champion in one or more of the sports. We ensure challenges on all levels. The most important is that you are ready for new challenges, team spirit and having fun.

All equipment for the class is available at the school. You only need to bring a pair of running shoes and sports clothes that can get dirty and wet. We will mostly train in the surrounding forest *Nørreskoven’ where the Nordic championship in mountain biking was held in 2016 and the Danish championship in adventurerace was held in 2017.



Faciliteter til Test & Træning
Martin about test & training

To me, it has always been interesting to know more about why my training has given results – or in some cases – why there has been no result.

In this class we have rich opportunities to get to know more about how the body reacts to a certain amount of training. Not just by looking at the muscles or experiencing an improvement in your endurance or your explosiveness, but by understanding the mechanisms behind the results. That is very interesting. And that knowledge will not only buy you credit with your training buddies, but also on a possible futures course of studies in sports or health!