Volleyball / beachvolley

Through inspiring exercises, you will develop your tactical, technical and physical skills. You will experience intense matches where team spirit, secure confidence and team support play an important role. We emphasize enthusiasm and joy. Fun is an important key word when you develop as a volleyball player at VIH.

We start with all the basic elements and when we master those, we will focus on tactics in the game, such as team composition among other things.


Purpose of Volleyball 

  • We aim to develop your personal skills and give you insights into the different aspects of the game to make you a better player. The lessons will mainly be practical.
  • We aim to develop your understanding of the importance of team support, the joy of playing and team spirit in volleyball.
  • And hereby develop a more empathic behavior in general.



Volleyball will include the following elements:

  • Technical training
  • Specific technical exercises
  • Game related exercises
  • Physical training
  • Tactical training
  • Systematics of the game
  • Game analysis
  • Coaching
  • Development of personal and communicative skills


We focus on training basic volleyball techniques and understanding of the game to ensure that there is a good flow in the game, and it is fun to play. As we master the basics, we will evolve the teaching to more advanced aspects.

The main purpose of the class is to make you a better player and to experience the joy of playing and being part of a team.

Martin about volleyball

Volleyball is an amazing game full of joy and team feeling. And it is an interesting game where we can learn about ourselves as we analyse ourselves in the game.

Thomas about volleyball

Volleyball is awesome when you feel the tension of the close duels and the intensity, when everyone puts in their best effort. You can’t win if you don’t play as a team. And then I love the cool hang loose atmosphere when we play beach volleyball under the sun. 

Jakob about volleyball

You don’t stand a chance in volleyball unless you are a team player! It is always great to practise the basic skills so we can play long, dramatic duels, where the whole team needs to work together to win. Volleyball can get the best out in people and the worst which is why we can learn a lot about ourselves during the game. What are my strengths/limitations? And how can I contribute to the team?

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