Jakob Sikjær


“I’m crazy about sports!” This quote covers it pretty well. Sports has always been a big part of my life and working with sports fills me with great pleasure, which I try to pass on to my students through teaching. The joy of sports is absolutely essential for me to continue developing and maintaining the interest.

I’ve performed many different types of sports, but lately endurance sports have caught my attention. I practice adventurerace and use many hours in the forest running and mountain biking. I used to play a lot of ball games and racket sports, and I still love the community found in volleyball.

For several years I have worked with the school’s police prep course. Working with goals and development aimed at a demanding admission test is an exciting process. To see young people develop physically, literally and not least personally in a relatively short period of time is incredibly motivating for me as a teacher.

It is a privilege to work at VIH, to be able to teach and to meet many interesting people. Whether it’s guitar, international class, police prep class or sports – it’s incredibly rewarding.