Bootcamp is about improving your physical fitness and your explosive endurance through interval- and high intensity training. You will be introduced to efficient ways to get in shape and burn energy. We will vary the training with different elements of e.g. HIIT, Tabata, circle training in “all-out” intense workouts.

Karsten Lund

I know from my own experience how much verbal motivation can mean and how much the feeling of completing a hard workout in unison can affect your result. That is why I think my bootcamp classes are awesome. You really feel the sense of community, as your blood is pumping in your veins. 

Mette Bjerre

I love teaching these classes. The approach and the form of the class give the students the possibility to perform their best every single class. We usually see great improvements in their physical performance during the course. At the same time it is a class with a unique atmosphere where the energy of a single student can be raised through a feeling of team spirit.