Functional training

We put together a mix of functional training. We train our muscles and circuit in functional movements with focus on strength, endurance and mobility. E.g. with TRX, core training, redondo balls, foam rollers, bare­foot fitness, pilates and dynamic yoga.

Our philosophy is that muscle training is more than strength – it is also functionality, balance and stability training. We strive to make the exercises useful in a daily life setting or combined with another sport.

The different types of training can improve your physical shape, your weak spots or it can be a supplement to the other sports you do.


The purpose of functional training is:

  • An introduction to the different types of muscle and mobility training
  • To develop your practical abilities
  • To improve your shape and become stronger
  • To develop more body awareness


Functional training

The lessons are a variation of different types of functional training. The basis for the class is to focus on the whole body and in the practical training you will be introduced to different theoretical aspects of the training. The theoretical aspects will give you the best basis to work with your own fitness and shape.


Ann-Britt about functional training

I love all kinds of fitness. Also the forms of hard training that you perform slowly, where we go deep into the muscles and experience getting stronger. 

Mika about functional training

I care about making all training sessions functional - either in relations to movement needed for a normal daily life or in relations to a specific form of sports. I always look forward to passing on that knowledge to my students. 

Mette about functional training

I love the sense of the body working out. A good training session is also hard stability training improving your mobility and endurance. That is what you will discover in your Functional training classes.

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