Outdoor pool

Outdoor pool

The outdoor pool is a 25-meter-long natural pool. The water is purified via biological filters and plants, unlike conventional pools purified with chlorine.

In class, the pool is used for swimming and used for introduction to various water sports activities before moving on to Vejle Fiord. In leisure time it is used for limitless play and recreational activity.

Surrounding the pool, the wooden deck forms a lounge area and various platforms where you can relax and enjoy the view over the park area. You will also find outdoor changing rooms, sauna, climbing rope and flexible pool features for a variety of water training activities such as SUP, kayaking, swimming, water polo, volley, slackline and more. You will find springboards one and three meters high and a platform almost 5 meters high for the daredevils.

The pool is open for a dive all year round before heading to the warm sauna placed at the end of the pool.

Gæster i svømmesøen?

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