Fitness 360° consists of many different appetizers from the fitness world. From individual strength training to different types of group training like TRX, step, larges gym balls, redondo balls, indoor cycling, crossfitness and a lot more. 

Ann-Britt about fitness 360°

My primary field is withing the fitness related team training. I am a bit nerdy about team training. Pump, ski training, fitness boxing, body toning, crossfitness, kettlebells, aerobics and indoor cycling are among my favourites - and I love a rhythmic approach when training. I am also experienced in functional strength training and planning of individual programmes. I have been in the environment for many years, because my passion is to develop new and fun ways to do efficient training sessions. 

Mette about fitness 360°

There are many aspects of the fitness world which is why these classes are always interesting to teach. Whether it is about steps, pace, choreographies or about techniques and new lifts og nye løft, there will always be something new to learn. And the student will get a different experience of fitness every class. 

I hope to expand your fitness horizon in my classes and give your the opportunity to exercise with a smile on your lip and a drops of sweat on your forehead.

Mika about fitness 360°

It is always a kick when the students open their eyes to new parts of the fitness world. E.g. many students are very surprised to see how a small ball can be an efficient tool for a great functional training session.

Karsten about fitness 360°

There are various forms of fitness. Even though I have my favorite exercises, I am always curious to get more knowledge about how to train my body. I love passing on this curiosity and my gained knowledge to my students.