You will be presented with different genres within team training, such as powerdance, step, bodytoning, aerobics, zumba, combat and lots more. We develop choreographies from simple to challenging steps. Your level is our starting point. In cooperation with the Danish Gymnastics and Sports Association we also offer an instructor’s certificate as a fitness team trainer. Obtaining the certificate will challenge you not only on choreography, but also personally and pedagogically. 

Mika about fitness team training

I have always loved moving to music and challenging the body via choreography and steps. Feeling my pulse and performing choreographies with a flow makes me bubble and I can't help but getting a smile on my lips. 

Ann-Britt about fitness team training

I have long experience making choreographies to different kinds of music for many different events. Being able to move my body to the sound of music has always brought good experiences for me since I was little child. At Vejle Sports School the friendships and the atmosphere adds that extra spice to our fitness teams that you won't find in a fitness center.

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