We create a serious HANG LOOSE atmosphere with lots of cool relaxed vibes from surfing, climbing and yoga. In the surf part wind will blow through your hair as you stand on the surfboard for the first time and learn how to cross Vejle Fiord. In the climbing part we work on several levels and you will learn how to secure fellow climbers and plan routes on the climbing wall. In our yoga sessions we focus on mobility, balance and stability in your core via different forms of yoga; e.g. SUP yoga, aerial and hatha yoga. 

Thomas about YoSurf'n'Climb

We made this course of classes with a combination of surfing, yoga and climbing, because all three sports has a cool atmosphere to them. In all the sports you use your body in cool ways and I love the relaxed attitude that melts down to a whole life style, where it is all about approaching life in a relaxed way.

Mika about YoSurf'n'Climb

I can feel that yoga makes me stronger. At the same time it makes sense to me to live out the ideas behind the yoga philosophy about being present in the moment Every time we share moments like that together, the classes are amazing. Fortunately, we make room for lots of laughs, when we challenge our balance and strength in MANY different situations.