Indoor cycling is an effective form of training for the entire body – with focus on your back, abs, buns and legs. You will learn to improve your technique for optimal training. We focus on group feeling, fun energy and a higher toleration of lactic acid. Prepare for loud music and lots of verbal motivation. Together we chase “spinners high”. – A feeling of strength, invincibility and euforia. You can achieve certification to become an instructor.

Jeanette Møller Hofslagare - Underviser på Vejle Idrætshøjskole
Jeanette about indoor cycling

Indoor cycling is a perfect cardio workout. I have more than 20 years experience with indoor and outdoor cycling. You can get totally euforic when you experience that your body can actually achieve more thatn you thought. It feels amazing when we can share this experience together.

Ann-Britt about indoor cycling

The high spirits, the team spirit and the right personal attitude can make the whole difference. That is the perfect cocktail we try to mix in indoor cycling which means that you can give a little extra to set loose the endorphines.

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