Outdoor life


Do you like nature, hiking, hammocking and fire cooking? When you join the outdoor life class, you will be doing both day and overnight trips in the beautiful vicinity of our school. We work on theoretical and practical basic skills needed for outdoor activities. We focus on great nature experiences with lots of room for cozy atmosphere and social activities.


Outdoor life at Vejle Sports School

We will go on day trips and sleepovers in nature. We will work with basic survival skills and how to live the outdoor life. You will get a deeper understanding of nature and it is all about great nature experiences and having fun together.

We will challenge each other and have fun, but we will leave the competitive part of the sports world out for other subjects.


Thea about outdoor life

I love being outide with the time and tranquility to enjoy nature. It gives me energy to follow the seasons, to watch a beautiful sunset, pick berries, cook over open fire, listen to birds cheeping and to feel the autumn wind on my cheecks. When I am outside it is like I feel life even more. 

I want my students to feel friends with nature as the basis of our existence. I have spent many nights under the open sky, but I prefer my hammock since creepy-crawly insects are not my favourite thing.

Jacob about outdoor life

Outdoor life is a class with many aspects. I have had some of the best moments in my life outside in the nature. Cooking over a bonfire, numerous activities in the forest and lots more. The best thing, however, is the social aspect. Usually, you get into closer conversations when you are in the nature. Oftentimes, we do activities, where we are dependant on each other which creates a strong reliance - e.g. when we need to secure each other when climbing. 

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