Jakob Nielsson, Højskolelærer

At Vejle Sports School, all good things come together – sport, community, knowledge and pure fun! Everything is set up to create an excellent experience for the students, and as a teacher it is very motivating to work in.

I have been involved in the sport since I was very small and entered a karate dojo for the first time. I later did powerlifting and weightlifting at a competitive level while doing a master's degree in Sports. Since then I have been hooked on calisthenics and climbing - whether it is climbing plastic walls or rocks - and I like to kayak or mountain bike every now and then. I have always been fascinated by the possibilities and capabilities of the body, and in my job I can share this fascination with motivated young people. It is awesome!

Before I became a teacher, I lived as a freelance musician for a few years, and at the school I now give it my all both in the music room, for choir and group singing.




  • Cand. scient. sports from Aarhus University

  • Bachelor's and Master's in Musicology at Aarhus University

  • Karate trainer for 7 years at Shi Kon Martial Arts Center

  • Choir conductor, musician and music school teacher

  • Canoe instructor

  • Kayak instructor

  • DC silver in powerlifting

  • JC silver in karat

Jakob Nielsson