Do you like a variety of outdoor training, experiences and mud? Toughest is about basic training. We practice circle training, trail running, obstacle course running among many other activities. General fitness and strength training are boiled together in one outdoor fitness class. We aim to train all the larger muscle groups and then we do not mind do get muddy and dirty while working out in nature.


Outdoor training at Vejle Sports School

Discover your inner Viking!

The nature is our playground and the whole body is in play.  We will train cardio and strength all around and have great experiences outdoor in different settings. You will improve your physical condition, have great experiences with your friends, and enjoy being a part of a group. At our ‘toughest’ we will run in the forest with our feet under water and covered in mud – and when we cannot get more dirty – we are all in it together.   


Jakob about toughest

I love using nature as my gym. Both on two wheels or at foot. Whether we do hilly intervals or endurance training, the nature around the school is the perfect training playground that encourages us to give it all.

Thomas about Toughest

One of the cool things about this class is the diversity. It really makes space to discover how many different training exercises you can get in nature. The school is located in a hilly forest – our big playground!

Thea about toughest

It has been a great training session for me when I have used the elements of nature to pressure myself. That is always a great satisfaction. I have long experience with outdoor training and some of the most magical moments occur just as everyone is getting tired, because this is when the sense of team spirit really shows its strength.